Create a Powerful Income Stream Sharing Medical Mary Products With Your Friends, Family and Followers


We invite you to join our mission to help millions of families around the globe improve their health and well-being through the natural power of our premium, one-of-a-kind line of CBD products. 

At Medical Mary, we believe in a world with less pain, stress, and inflammation. 

As a Marketing Partner, you can play a major role in helping us get the word out. It’s not only a rewarding cause, but a massive financial opportunity in an industry that’s projected to grow to $20 Billion+ annually within 5 years. 

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Program in a Nutshell

We offer a generous word-of-mouth customer referral program that pays you to share. 

Authorized Marketing Partners earn 25% on personal customer referrals, plus 10% on their customer’s referrals. Marketing Partners also receive up to 30% Off all personal orders placed on our website. 

To qualify, all you need is a passion for helping others and a strong desire to share the Medical Mary story and products. 

We provide you with the tools, support, and tracking to build a recurring monthly income stream that pays you for the lifetime of your referrals. 

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Getting Started

Step #1:  Ask the person who referred you to send you their personal share link. This ensures they receive credit for introducing you to Medical Mary, in the same way you can share with others.

Step #2: Register as a Marketing Partner, and expect your welcome letter within 24hrs. There is no purchase required. We strongly recommend, however, that you order a sampling of products and build your own personal story. 

Step #3: Log in to your personal Partner Portal, grab your personal share links, and send to your friends, family and followers. The system does the rest. 

That’s it! Super simple. 

Need help? Check-out our FAQ’s or email:

Promoting Medical Mary

As a Marketing Partner, you are an ambassador for the brand, a trusted spokesperson, and valued member of the Medical Mary community. This is why it’s so important our Partners promote our products with integrity and accuracy.    

Why is this such a big deal?

There are guidelines and rules all CBD manufacturers must follow regarding health claims. False or misleading claims can land brands in trouble. There are a lot of myths and misinformation floating around about CBD. Inaccurate posts or false health claims about our products can jeopardize the opportunity for everyone, including the company. 

Here’s the bottom line: If a health claim can’t be backed up by reasonable scientific validation, it’s likely not a valid claim.  Any false or misleading health claims should be immediately reported to Medical Mary. That way, we can step in quickly and remove the claim. 

To see our program policies click here. For FTC guidelines on advertising click here.

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Participate in the Medical Mary Community

Medical Mary is a business and a community of like-minded people. That’s why we encourage you to get involved. How? Easy. Engage us on social media by posting your personal stories, feedback, and comments. Send us your ideas, feedback, reviews, and testimonials. Cultivating a vibrant community of passionate customers is how we can all grow, thrive, and ultimately make a real impact in the world, while also earning a great income.  



The Medical Mary Partner Program pays 25% on your personal customer referrals plus an additional 10% on their referrals, for the lifetime of the customer. When customers subscribe to automatic monthly shipments, you earn on every repeat order. It means you can build a recurring monthly income stream for a one-time referral. Plus, as an approved Marketing Partner, you’ll receive up to 30% off your own purchases with a monthly subscription (20% off without a subscription). 

Your earnings are paid by check on or before the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales. Our finance department will reach out directly to gather your payment information, or you can  email To receive your earnings,  Marketing Partners must submit a completed IRS W-9 form to:  Complete and download the form at

Save up to 30% On All

Marketing Partners receive 20% savings on every order placed through the Medical Mary site with a coupon code, plus an additional 10% by opting-into our “Subscribe and Save.” That’s 30% total savings with a minimum 3-month subscription and no minimum order quantity required. Renew, pause, cancel or edit your subscription anytime.  


Marketing Partners receive unique tracking links for referring customers to the Medical Mary website. Products are not available on Amazon, Ebay or other digital marketplaces. Once purchases are verified, earnings are displayed inside your personal online portal. 

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Why Medical Mary? 

There are countless CBD companies in the United States. New companies seem to open every day. This can be confusing for people when trying to decide where to buy their CBD products. As a Partner you’ll have an edge if you know the two things that set us apart from the crowd: (1) our relentless commitment to quality throughout the supply chain (2) our proprietary nutraceutical-infused formulations for targeted solutions 3) our capacity to quickly introduce new products into the marketplace and scale manufacturing at our FDA registered facility. 

  • Only licensed, American grown hemp
  • 100% THC free (Isolate & Broad Spectrum) 
  • Less than 0.3% THC (Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum) 
  • Batch tested to 98% purity
  • Bottled in FDA registered facilities
  • Third-party tested & verified by an independent lab 
  • Fast, easy online ordering tracking and automated shipments

We’re also the first company to enhance our CBD products with nutraceuticals to support an array of targeted conditions such as pain, mood, joint & muscle and more. 

Steps For Becoming a Medical Mary Partner

(No Purchase Required)
  • Step #1: Click the referral link shared by the person who introduced you 
  • Step #2: Register online
  • Step #3: Expect your Welcome Email within 24hrs with your personal Portal login credentials
  • Step #4: Log into your Portal, copy your share links, and begin sharing with others

Steps For Referring Customers & Marketing Partners

  • Step #1: Log into your Medical Mary Portal at Click Partner Login
  • Step #2: Grab your personal share links
  • Step #3: Share with your friends, family and followers on social media, websites, blogs, and email. Even print on business cards, brochures and anywhere else you wish to share.
  • Step #4: Login any time to check your earnings and stats

It’s simple, contact the person who referred you and ask them for their unique share link. Then, click their link and register as a Marketing Partner. If you were not introduced to Medical Mary by another Marketing Partner, contact us at and we’ll connect you with one of our Program Managers. 

It’s easy. Once registered as an approved Marketing Partner, you’ll receive login credentials to your personal web portal. Once logged in, grab your “Refer a Customer” campaign tracking link and immediately begin sharing with others. When someone clicks your link, your portal will track their activity. When a purchase is made, you receive credit. You can track all your clicks and referrals right from your personal portal. 

Commission checks are mailed by the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales. You’ll want to be sure to send us your completed IRS W-9 form in order to receive payment. Here’s a fillable PDF link. Once complete send it to:

Simply put, anywhere and everywhere. You can promote online and offline. The first step is to use the products yourself and develop your own personal story. When you’ve got a compelling personal story that illustrates your personal experience with our products, your message will have more impact. Places to promote include your online social media feeds, your email contacts, farmer’s markets, expos, trade shows, home parties, school events, community events, and just about everywhere else. 

Any paid advertising must be approved by Medical Mary prior to consideration. Advertising platforms have strict compliance rules regarding the promotion of CBD and associated health claims. Ad platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter all have different rules that must be complied with. Otherwise, Medical Mary risks being permanently banned from these platforms, negatively impacting all of our Marketing Partners. For further questions, contact your Program Manager or email Partner Support at

Yes, Medical Mary offers a 2-tier compensation plan. In addition to earning 25% on your personal customer referrals, you can also earn 10% on their referrals. To refer another Marketing Partner, share your “Refer a New Marketing Partner” link found inside your portal.

Yes, all marketing partners receive 20% off their personal orders with a special coupon code available to Marketing Partners only. Ask your referring Marketing Partner or Program Manager for the coupon code. Or, email You can get an additional 10% (Total 30%) off every order with a monthly subscription (Subscribe and Save). 

The sky’s the limit. Your earnings are unlimited. The minimum check amount in a given month is $10. Your commissions will accumulate until you reach this amount.

Yes, in fact, we provide an array of web banners you can display on your site with more on the way. Simply log into your Portal, click the assets tab (left), and paste the HTML code onto your site or blog. You may want your webmaster to do this for you.

Your Program Manager is there to support you and help you succeed. For additional assistance, you can contact our Partner Help Desk at If you’re not sure who your Program Manager is, email us and we’ll put you in touch right away. 

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