Marketing Partner Program

Welcome! We’re excited you’ve decided to join the Medical Mary family and support our mission to help people around the globe improve their health and well-being through the natural power of our line of CBD products. We believe a world with less stress and everyday pain will be a better, brighter world for everyone. As a Marketing Partner, you’ll play an important role in getting the word out about our company. This is a great opportunity to make a real, lasting difference in people’s lives. 

If you’ve made it here, it means we’ve already approved your application, so congratulations! Let’s take the next step so you can get rolling. We hope this page will help you get acquainted with the basics of succeeding as a Marketing Partner.

Additional training will cover the topics below in more detail. If you have any questions after reading through the material, send us an email at

Thanks again for coming aboard. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and growing this community together. 

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Program in a Nutshell

The program is a two-tiered, word-of-mouth customer referral program that gives you a chance to potentially improve people’s lives while earning extra income doing it. Your role will be to promote Medical Mary products on your social media, email lists, or other related avenues. You’ll receive a commission on purchases made by any customers you refer. We call this Tier 1.

If your Tier 1 customers become Medical Mary Partners themselves you earn a commission on any products their customers buy. We call this Tier 2.

That’s it. Pretty simple, right?

You can find more details about commissions towards the bottom of the page.

Getting Started

Since you were already set up as an affiliate in the previous version of this program, you’ll receive an email with login credentials for your Partner Portal as soon as you agree to the program policies.

Once you agree to the policies, your login credentials will arrive in your inbox within 48 hours. If you don’t see the email, try checking your spam folder. When you have the credentials you’ll be ready to log in to your Partner Portal, grab your personal share link, and begin referring customers. 

Need help? No problem. Just email us at

Promoting Medical Mary

Marketing Partners are ambassadors for Medical Mary.  You’re a qualified member of the community and a trusted spokesperson. A front-line representative of the brandThis is why it’s so important you promote our products using only the approved marketing language on our website or other official marketing materials.  

Why is this such a big deal?

Because local, state, and federal law requires us to follow rules about what we can claim about our health products. We can find ourselves in trouble if these rules are broken. If anyone posts, prints, or publishes questionable health claims about our products, they risk not only the active status of their partner account, but jeopardize the program as a whole. Not good. If you have a special advertising request, send it to for review. To see our program policies click right here. For FTC guidelines on advertising click here.

Participate in the Medical Mary Community

Medical Mary is a business, of course, but it’s also a community. That’s why we’d like to encourage you to get involved. How? Easy. Engage with our social media by posting thoughtful comments and positive stories. Offer other partners you know tips, feedback, and kudos. Send us your reviews, suggestions, and ideas. You get the idea. Nurturing our community every day is how we’re going to grow, thrive, and ultimately make a real impact on the world.  

One more thing. We ask you to remain vigilant and protective about our reputation and good standing with both customers and the law. This is key if we’re going to make the program a successful enterprise for the long term. There are a lot of myths and misinformation about CBD floating around the internet. For instance, you might come across claims that suggest CBD “cures cancer” or treats some other serious health condition. This, of course, is not true. If you come across any false or misleading health claims about our products on social media, emails, print media, or elsewhere let us know. This way we can step in quickly to check out the claim and, if necessary, help change or take it down before it becomes a larger problem. 


The Program pays 25% for Tier 1 purchases and 10% for Tier 2. For example: If your referred customer orders $100 in products, your earnings would be $25. If your new customer becomes a Marketing Partner and refers someone who orders $100 in products, you’ll earn $10 on their order. If you’re actively promoting and referring customers, your commissions can really begin to add up. 

The minimum earnings in a given month is $10. Total commissions will accumulate each month until you reach this threshold. Any referred customers who would like to become a Marketing Partner can apply and enroll at IMPORTANT: Remember to send them your unique campaign link and they’ll be registered as your referred Marketing Partner. Be sure to provide them with the campaign link or we won’t  be able to track your Tier 2 customers. 


First Time Customers

Referred customers can use the coupon code GET20OFF at check-out for an instant 20% savings on their first order. The system calculates the commission on the final sale amount excluding tax and shipping. Without this code, the discount won’t be applied.

Referral Tracking

Remember, you’ll have TWO tracking links inside your Partner Portal: one for your customer referrals and one for your Marketing Partner referrals. Be sure to share the appropriate tracking link with the person you’re referring. When promoting Medical Mary products use your unique campaign link. You can find it inside your Partner Portal. Keep in mind the system can’t track your customer referrals or pay your commission without this link. 

If you’d like to enroll a new Marketing Partner, log in to your Partner Portal. Then follow the steps shown here.  Be sure all your Marketing Partner Referrals use your personal tracking link when enrolling.

If someone makes a purchase using your campaign link you’ll get an email confirming your new customer. After the purchase is verified, the system will show your commission in your Partner Portal dashboard and include it in your next payment.  

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Why Medical Mary? 

There are countless CBD companies in the United States. New companies seem to open every day. This can be confusing for people when trying to decide where to buy their CBD products. As a partner you’ll have an edge if you know the two things that set us apart from the crowd: (1) our commitment to our values and (2) the high quality of our CBD products. Here are some other features of the company you can mention when promoting:

  • Only licensed, American grown hemp
  • 100% THC free (Isolate & Broad Spectrum) 
  • Less than 0.3% THC (Full Spectrum) 
  • Batch tested to 98% purity
  • Bottled in FDA registered facilities
  • Third-Party tested & verified
  • Easy online ordering & tracking

We’re also the first company to enhance CBD products with complementary neutraceuticals for additional targeted potential results. 

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