Cardio CBD Energy Drink


Cardio CBD Powder Drink has the potential to:

  • Relieve Stress*
  • Elevate Mood*
  • Improve Sleep*
  • Optimize Performance*
  • Reduce inflammation*
  • Enhance Cardiovascular Health!*
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria*
  • Relieve pain*
  • Reduce muscle spasms*
  • Relieve nausea and vomiting*
  • Reduce blood sugar levels*
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Cardio CBD Energy Drink CBD from Medical Mary

Packed with vitamins and CoQ10. This cardio drink with CBD will ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals needs for your body and heart health.

Mix 1 Scoop with 10 or more ounces in your favorite beverage. Refrigerate after opening or store in a cool, dry place.

Net. Wt. 25 oz (240 g).


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CBD Energy Drink