Bath Bombs


Medical Mary’s CBD Bath Bombs are the first and only bath bombs that will leave your skin silky smooth and soft because it has 100% essential oils!

Imagine getting the benefits of 100% essential oils and CBD in one bath bomb!

Take care of your skin with Medical Mary’s CBD Bath Bombs and you will never bathe the same way again!

  • 2 oz
  • 6 oz
  • Yellow - Be Soothed Bath Bomb
  • Red - Be Sensual Bath Bomb
  • Lavender - Be Happy Bath Bomb
  • Blue - Be Focused Bath Bomb

You’ve had another long, stressful day. Maybe you have a slight headache. Maybe you’re feeling a bit irritable. Listen, we’ve all been there. All you want to do tonight is relax. Sometimes there’s no better way of coming down after a hard day than drawing a piping hot bath and enjoying a bath with our CBD infused bath bombs. But you don’t want to use just any ordinary bath bomb. Not when there’s something better.

Medical Mary infuses our therapeutic bath bombs with a proprietary combination of medical-grade CBD and 100% pure essential oils.

So go ahead and run the water, dim the lights, and throw in the bath bomb.

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 1.88 × 1.88 × 1.88 in

2 oz, 6 oz

Product and Color

Yellow – Be Soothed Bath Bomb, Red – Be Sensual Bath Bomb, Lavender – Be Happy Bath Bomb, Blue – Be Focused Bath Bomb


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