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RISE & SHINE with breath-freshening chewable CBD from Medical Mary!

Packed with all-natural CBD and powerful vitamins, RISE & SHINE provides the perfect way to start any morning with a tasty, chewable treat that freshens your breath and mellows your mood, getting you ready to face whatever the day may have in store
for you…

So, if your feeling tired and run down and have trouble getting out of bed! Try Rise & Shine and feel like amazing again!

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Combining a gentle dose of all-natural CBD with breath-freshening spearmint and powerful vitamins, RISE & SHINE does much more than your average cup of coffee to help you start the day out on the right foot.

RISE & SHINE is infused with:

B Vitamins (B6 & B12): Play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy nervous system, managing stress & anxiety, even enhancing your mood and improving your body’s ability to cope with depression. Vitamin B6 can even help reduce heart risk, while B12 enhances all-day energy.

B Vitamins are Heart-Healthy Brain Food!

Vitamin C: One of the world’s most popular and essential supplements, Vitamin C gives you a powerful blast of antioxidants that can help with cold symptoms. Substantial doses of vitamin C have been scientifically proven to help regulate key levels and serum insulin in sufferers of diabetes.

Vitamin C delivers a powerful boost of antioxidants that help fight the common cold!


  1. Carol Boscarino

    This is great to make me feel better in the morning and get ready for a busy day, I take one in the morning and another after lunch to set me straight. I feel better, have less stress and then sometimes take another before I sleep as well. It is just straight CBD so it helps with my inflammation in my body and really relaxes my spirit.

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