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Medical Mary’s new Softgels 25mg capsules ensure that you get exact doses every day for 30 days! Take 1 capsule a day, every day and you’ll experience the powerful benefit of Full Spectrum CBD!

With Medical Mary’s Softgels, you’ll get all 6 cannabinoids with exact dosage every day!

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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Full Spectrum CBD: Using the “Entourage Effect” For Maximum Relief CBD is the hottest new wellness trend of the year—and the coming decade—with the power to transform lives and overcome some of the biggest health issues facing Americans today. But only when it’s combined with the “Full Spectrum” of non-psychoactive cannabinoids do you see maximum results, utilizing what’s commonly referred to as the “Entourage Effect,” delivering unparalleled relief and relaxation. Medical Mary’s Full Spectrum CBD Supplements offer each of the most potent cannabinoids including: CBDA: Cannabidiolic acid, a major anti-inflammatory that works by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme to enhance CBD’s natural effects. CBDV: Cannabidivarin varies only slightly from CBD, with initial research suggesting it could be valuable in the treatment of conditions like epilepsy, once again enhancing the natural effects of CBD. CBG: Cannabigerol is a powerful antibacterial compound that can inhibit cell growth in tumor/cancer cells while promoting bone growth and interacting well with other major cannabinoids. CBGA: Cannabigerolic Acid has similar effects to CBG, while acting as an even more potent anti-inflammatory. CBC: Cannabichromene is proven to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and inhibit cell growth in tumor/cancer cells (much like CBG), but unlike other cannabinoids, CBC effects are mediated through non-cannabinoid receptor interactions. CBN: Cannabinol offers a unique profile of effects when compared to CBD, while still offering proven benefits from pain relief to easing insomnia, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that can seriously transform your life. Taken alone, any one of these cannabinoids could likely have a similar life-changing effect to what you get from CBD. But when they’re all combined, you get an unprecedented synergy that takes everything to the next level—with high-impact effects that you’ll feel right away. We offer the LOWEST price in the industry, and we refuse to be sold on equivalent products. So what are you waiting for? Get Medical Mary FULL SPECTRUM Softgels today!


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